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My first internet access was at the day Steve Jobs introduced the first iPhone to the world.

I’m Felipe Nascimento, a Brazilian Designer & Cyclist currently designing products at Elephant, San Francisco.

Before sunrise, I'm focused on going faster on my bike. During the day I’m focused on crafting outstanding digital products.

For the past six years, I’ve been working at the intersection of user needs and business strategy to design products that are well thought-out and easy to use, with a clean aesthetic and timeless as possible.

Across my career, I had the opportunity to work at startups, agencies, and publishers. This path led me to develop a holistic vision on Design, since information architecture and interaction design until prototypes and tests. I believe that as designers, our role is to bend the boundaries of those fields, in order to solve problems in any phase of a product.

You can reach me at this email or through my LinkedIn profile; However, if you are looking for someone to ride with, you can find me at Strava.